So, it’s time to say goodbye to your old clothes and buy some cool T-shirts and Shirts with you logo on it so you can shine up your wardrobe. But the main thing you are worrying about is the fabric to choose. You want the best for yourself which is durable and looks great too.

There is no other fabric as good as Cotton when it comes to style and comfort. It provides you the best look and amazing quality. But just saying Cotton is never enough. There are a lot of variety to choose from that can match your needs exactly. This comprehensive guide will reveal all the types of cotton that you can consider for your Shirts/ T-shirts.

Organic Cotton: This type of cotton will be way softer and comfy than any other material. You will have to spend little extra for this added advantages, but it’s worth the cost. The good thing about this cotton is it makes minimum use of pesticides and fertilizers. So this is the best choice for eco-friendly fashion lovers.
Pima Cotton: How about the best quality of cotton that you can get for your shirts and t-shirts? If you say, a big yes than Pima is for you. The extra-long fibers make this cotton very soft yet long-lasting. You would no longer worry about fading, pilling and stretching of your shirts no matter how often you wash them. Pima grown in America will be called as Supima cotton.
Slub Cotton: If you are the one who thinks imperfection is beauty than I highly recommend going for Slub cotton in your shirts and t-shirts. Slight lumps in the fabric are deliberately put to make it look cool. This suits best for t-shirts and sweaters. But for graphic tees with messages and prints, this might not be the best choice. If you wish to have a casual and rough look, choose Slub cotton.
Poly Cotton: If you love cotton but also like the qualities of Polyester then Polycotton will be best suited for you. It is a mixture of polyester fibers and cotton. Cotton is in more quantity, around 65%. You can also choose 50/50 blends. Polyester because of its elasticity it will make the fabric long-living. It is also cheaper comparatively so cutting down the cost. Cotton is 100% breathable while polyester is not. So poly cotton is reasonably breathable and tear-resistant too.
Combed Cotton: How about something very soft as fabric? If you seek for softness, Combed cotton is your fabric. Cotton fibers are specially treated before further processing. Of course, this will increase the cost. All the short threads that pickle and stick out as well as the dirt are removed from the cotton making it softer. It also provides high tensile strength. It can be washed as well as dried at any temperature without losing its quality.
Canvas Cotton: If you are looking for something heavy and long-lasting, Canvas is the thing for you. It is a plain-weave cotton fabric. It is very rugged and woven cotton. It is also called as duck cotton. It is best suited for thick shirts that provide protection to cold. It can also be used to make jackets and other stuff.

These are the just the common types of cotton that you can eye for. This will be the basic types, and you will find different combinations based on the materials added to them. Each has its pros and cons. So one must decide what qualities they are looking for and then choose the fabric that will suit their style as well as budget.