The embroidery machine is used to create patterns or designs on the cloth. It adds to the beauty of the textile and makes it look beautiful and elegant. Embroidery is an ancient creative work on textile, which was earlier done by hands. Then there was the invention of manual embroidery the machine on, which you can even stitch the cloth and also create a zigzag pattern. Then came computerized embroidery machine, which made the entire task much simpler and classier.

The traditional manual embroidery machine also known as free-motion embroidery machine was the basic sewing machine that was used for tailoring purposes. The embroidery by this machine was done by a hand that means it requires a nice tightly hooped fabric on, which the machines works by running embroidery.

You need to create the design on your own and move the cloth in that pattern. It usually makes zigzag patterns or thin lines of thread. This free-motion embroidery was time-consuming and tiring as you need to set the fabric then move it according to the design.

The machine embroidery was easier and had more variety of designs. It is also known as computerized embroidery or machine embroidery digitizing. There comes software for designs and patterns,, which you need to install on your computer.

Method of Machine Embroidery

First, download the software to your computer. This software is designed to read the design on your machine.
All software has a different format. It also contains the size of the hoops and threads.
This embroidery software is used to read your design. When you purchase a design or download it to your computer, you’ll need this software to see your design.
Then you will need software to export this design to your embroidery machine.
There may be a USB port on your machine that will allow you to connect your computer to the machine. Then connect it with a data cable.
Then you machine will be able to print the desired design you want on the fabric.
You just need to attach the thread whenever it gets over. The embroidery machine will make a sound once the thread is over so that you can fill in another.
For design software, some may charge you but to give it a start use free software that is easily available for free download over the internet.

These embroidery machines are solely for cloth embroidery; that is it works only for embroidery, not for stitching. There are also certain combinational machines that perform both sewing and embroidery. This machine embroidery has made the task much easier and with full cleanliness without getting worried of the design.

The cost of embroidery machine may vary according to the model you order. Bit this is a cost effective and traditional way to decorate your clothes or start a small business from home. This can be taken as a full-time work, but it can be done as part-time work or freelancing work.


Machine embroidery has made this tedious task a very simple, fun and easier one. Now you can do embroidery at your home on your plain boring clothes, design bed sheets, pillow covers, table covers and many more things at your home. All you need is the machine, computer, software for reading design, a USB data cable, and software for exporting the design to the machine.

This digitization of cloth embroidery is a new revolution in the cloth industry especially for designers and textile merchants to bring a new style and creativity in their business with this latest technology.