Nowadays, everyone can find t-shirts in their closet. Most of the people prefer t-shirts as they are very comfortable to wear on most occasions. Though it is very handy in recent times, you will be surprised to know that t-shirt printing has an amazing history.

History of Block Printing

The idea of t-shirt printing started way back in 960AD. The evidence of this is found in China. Conventionally, people used to print t-shirts with the help of wooden block. They used to carve designs on a wooden block, dip the block in the ink and print various designs on the t-shirts.

The Origin of T-shirts

We are not aware of the uses of t-shirts in the past years. During the world war, soldiers used to wear it as an undergarment under their military dress. Even during the World War II, soldiers used to wear it during any hard or dirty work time.

After the end of the war, citizens have also found it easy and comfortable costume for the whole day. In current time, everywhere people find it very cosy to wear anywhere. Different companies and organizations are using t-shirt printing to promote their organization.

During earlier times, people were using stencils for t-shirt printing. After the evolution of t-shirt printing, people have started using printers for printing. During World Wars, screen printing was popular for several significant reasons.

All about Screen Printing

Screen printing and t-shirt printing was used for posters and related advertisement. In the beginning, t-shirt printing was used for advertisement but after a certain period, some people introduced as an art form.

The industrial revolution brought many techniques, which made t-shirt printing far easier than it ever was. It certainly brought up various ways that can help to produce t-shirts in a massive amount. The quality and consistency of t-shirt printing have also improved due to this industrial revolution.

After 1950, the concept of personal expression has also stepped in the market. Various companies have started printing their t-shirts, which hold the logo and other keywords about their company. This change introduced the new era of t-shirt printing.

Revolution in T-shirt Printing

In current time, the personal expression is also evolving. Anyone can ask for their personal touch on their t-shirts according to their needs. This evolution brought the whole new ideas, which are useful in many perspectives for different people. Some use it regarding advertisement, and some use it regarding personal expression.

T-shirt printing has introduced itself as an interesting form in the genre of art. Many artists took this simple concept of t-shirt printing to the next level where they present their skills on the fabric by using the concept of t-shirt printing.

I am sure that the whole story about the evolution of t-shirt printing is way more surprising than we can imagine. Till now we saw the t-shirts as a garment only. I think this blog, which is presented here introduce the heritage of t-shirt printing very clearly. Everyone should be aware of the idea of t-shirt printing because it is one of the ancient arts we have as a legacy.


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